The Pharmabox24 advanced technology allows a high level of modulability of the storage and the optimization of the capacity.
The number of racks and also the number of canals can be changed according with the dimension of the products to be put in the Pharmabox24 storage.

Every rack is composed of many indipendent slots. Each of them can be set up in the height, in the width and in the depth. Its extreme flexibility allows to manage items considered impossibile for the conventional vending machines. Pharmabox24 delivers either a product 3 cm wide as well as a product as large as the whole shelf.

    • NO fixed canals: the dimension of the rack can be adjust to fit it to the size of the product
    • NO fixed number of shelves: the number of shelves can be modified according with the needs
    • Optimization of the capacity: no waste of space
    • The loading/ refilling of the storage can be perform either by the frontal door, or by the rear door.