PickUp24: pick up whenever you want

The PickUp24 Service is one of the jewels of the innovative tecnology of Pharmabox24, especially on those segments of the market where the  vending machine has not only a business purpose,  but also service meaning. That ‘s what makes the difference today.

The concept of the PickUp24 Service is to allow the customer to collect the product previously ordered 24/7 directly from the Pharmabox24, when we wants.

The customer, once received the notice of product available in the Pharmabox24 together with a secret and randomized code, can collect his order from Pharmabox24.

The delivery through the PickUp24 is a safe delivery: only after the typing of this unique pin code the  machine will activate the delivery.

Ritira24: ritira il tuo prodotto prenotato quando vuoi direttamente in macchina