Pharmabox24®: the Pharmacy is always open

Pharmalogic is a leading company, manufacturer of hi-technology automated machines dedicated to Pharmacy channel.

Successfully present in more than 15 European and Extra-European Countries, Pharmabox24 is a real automated retail shop open 24/7, that increases the pharmacy sales. Pharmabox24 is the great opportunity of business development for the Pharmacy that wants to benefit of a reliable and top-level machine representing the perfect union between the non-stop h24 service to the client and the increasing of the turnover of the pharmacy. An automated, technological and interactive shelf, with an exclusive and attractive window.







Pharmabox24 has been designed for Pharmacies, in collaboration with Pharmacists and according to the Pharmacy needs. Pharmabox24 is:

    • SIMPLE: thanks to the graphic colour monitor, to the voice guide system, to the software platform
    • VERSATILE: thanks to the modular storage – with no spiral system – adaptable to the dimension of the product, Pharmabox24 technology has the highest flexibility to dispense products of every size and the shape.
    • SECURE: thanks to the vandal-proof structure, to the intrusion-proof sidebar, to the pick up box secure lock, to the vandal-proof window , to the conditioning unit that, combined with the insulation and the UV filter, protects the items inside Pharmabox24
    • EFFICACIOUS: thanks to the optimized storage system – no waste of space – and to the wide window led lighting
    • PROFESSIONAL: thanks to the elevator to protect the product during the dispensing phase
    • HI-TECH: thanks to the industrial computer for top-level performances and to make the daily management of the machine easier. Pharmabox24 can be monitored by the managing software for collecting data about sells, revenues, the stock …, statistic analysis, …, ecc.
    • CUSTOM MADE: thanks to the availability of a lot of accessories and options, your Pharmabox24 can be customized and equipped as per your requirements.
    •  COMPLETE: thanks to the range of a lot of different models, Pharmabox24 is the most complete line of automated machines dedicated to the Pharmacy market.

    How do you want your Pharmabox24? Just choose!

    The Pharmabox24 line is available in six different models: Pharmabox24 Stile, Pharmabox24 Midi, Pharmabox24 Midi Thin, Pharmabox24 Mini, Pharmabox24 Mini Thin e Pharmabox24 Slim.

The wide window and the high storage capacity ensure immediate choice and the satisfaction of every requirement of the clientele.

Also, the capacity of every model can be simply increased  by adding one or more additional units, managed by the software of the master distributor itself. The possible combinations are more than 15. This really means the possibility to choose the right product today and to adapt it to your future needs.



The banknote reader, the coin acceptor changegiver, the interactive voice guide system, the big colour monitor, the multi-colour keyboard and the top advanced software guarantee easyness, for an intuitive purchasing experience for every client.

The management software makes Pharmabox24 simple to be managed for everybody.


Pharmabox24 can be placed either in the window than outside because it is equipped with:

    • vandal proof structure with secure locks
    • intrusion proof sidebar
    • payment systems separated from the storage area
    • vandal proof window with UV filter
    • pick up box secure lock

with care of the aesthetic and practical details that make Pharmabox24 suitable for pharmacy that takes care of its image and its customers:

    • Pharmabox24 can be, if required, integrated of a rear door, for a more comfortable the refilling of the storage from the inside of fhe Pharmacy
    • Pharmabox24 respects the accessibility rules, allowing full access to final users with disabilities.
    • Pharmabox24 is also equipped with a double and independent opening: the first one to accede to the storage, the second one to accede to payment devices. The two openings can be set up with a common key, or with two different keys.