Pharmalogic offers the widest range of hi-tech automated machines.

Pharmabox24 is available in 6 models of different sizes, dimensions, with two different depths, all of them with unique features to fit any location, any Pharmacy according to the space available.

Pharmabox24 is suitable for in the window, outside and remote installations.

Pharmabox24 accessories available and the ability to customize its aesthetic layout, guarantee full fusion with the  image of every Pharmacy.


Dimensions: 2,2 mt. x 1,5 mt x 0,98 mt.


Dimensions: 2,0 mt. x 1,5 mt x 0,98 mt.


Dimensions: 2,0 mt. x 1,1 mt x 0,98 mt.


Dimensions: 2,0 mt. x 0,85 mt x 0,98 mt.

“Pharmabox24 Stile: the biggest one of its category, a real automated retail shop for the Pharmacy channel.”

“Pharmabox24 Midi: big, capacious, the right compromise”

“Pharmabox24 Mini: wide capacity in a small size”

“Pharmabox24 Slim: the super compact one, but with a very big storage”

“Thin Line: with its special depth, if fits in any space”

“Rear door: a comfortable solution ”

The capacity of eachmodel can be increased – also after the installation – through the integration of additional units of different sizes, managed by the software of the master distributor itself, for a number of more than 15 different combinations. All models can be manufacture with the back door, to make more comfortable the refilling from the inside of the Pharmacy.
This means to choose the right product for your needs of today and adapt it to future needs.