1. What is a Pharmabox24?

Pharmabox24 is an automated retail shop always open that can sell different products of different shapes and dimensions, 24/7. It is the ideal solution to get the best out of the overtime of the Pharmacy to increase sales and to give a non-stop service to the clientele.

2. Is Pharmalogic the manufacturer of the Pharmabox24 machines?

Yes, Pharmalogic is the manufacturer of the Pharmabox24s machines. Pharmalogic’s research and development team create high technology kiosks. Specialized in technology, software development and design, our products are the combination of reliability, easyness and optimization.

3. How can I start with this business?

Please contact us for more information and to become Master Distributor of Pharmalogic’s products.

4. Where Pharmabox24 can be installed?

Pharmabox24 allows the Pharmacist to offer its clientele a retail service in traditional and non-traditional locations and at not-traditional hours. Examples of such service could be areas where a full retail presence is not economically viable (seasonal turist resort, remote town), location of high footfall but limited space (eg. train and tube station, airports, hospital and health centres, gp and dentists surgeries, supermarkets and grocery stores) and naturally 24 hours/7 days a week service.

5. Is Pharmabox24 custom-branded?

Yes, Pharmabox24s can be custom-branded in the look and feel, user interface, aesthetics design and promotional videos.

6. Does Pharmalogic develop the software installed in the kiosks?

Yes, our in-house engineering team developed the software technology. Based on .NET framework and Sql database, we are continuously updating our software to improve Pharmabox24 products.

7. Are Pharmabox24s networked?

Yes, each Pharmabox24 vending machine is connected in real-time to the Pharmalogic central server, for data collection, remote monitoring, software updates and remote assistance.

8. Is Pharmabox24 temperature controlled?

Yes, Pharmabox is equipped with a conditioning unit to preserve products and with a system to constantly monitor temperature inside machine.

9. What are the dimensions (size) of Pharmabox24s?

Pharmabox24 is available in 6 models of different sizes, all of them can be manufacture with the rear door.

Pharmabox24 Stile is approximately 220cm h x 150cm w x 95cm d.
Pharmabox24 Midi is approximately 195cm h x 150cm w x 95cm d.
Pharmabox24 Mini is approximately 195cm h x 110cm w x 95cm d.
Pharmabox24 Slim is approximately 195cm h x 85cm w x 95cm d.
Pharmabox24 Midi thin is approximately 195cm h x 150cm w x 68cm d.
Pharmabox24 Mini thin is approximately 195cm h x 110cm w x 68cm d.

10. What are the size of the products Pharmabox24s can dispense?

Pharmabox24 can dispense the biggest range of products:

  • base 1 cm to 50 cm (0.3″ to 19.6″)
  • height 1 cm to 35 cm (0.3″ to 13.7″)
  • depth 1 cm to 20 cm (0.3″ to 7.8″)

11. Can Pharmabox24s fit to non Pharmacy products?

Yes, thanks to its flexibility and versatility Pharmabox24 can dispense any kind of products. Watch the video!